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Top Places in San Francisco that SHOULD have good coffee

by thekindbrew on September 15th, 2010

Here is a quick list based on the current coffee situation in SF and also based on areas i frequent.

#1 the first place is near my office and its on the walk to Jackson Place Cafe, this place (1015 Battery) just screams out for something classy to move it. Next to some fine dining a Kodak lab ? you can see just from the front shot only how perfect something nice would be here. Many agencies near by with lots of people waiting but probably no much other foot traffic, build it they would come. And judging by the line 10-12 deep at Jackson Cafe today at 3:45p lots of people can and will come out of the woodwork for it.

#2 Lava Java on Stanyan. Few blocks from Amobea and next/across the street from a bike shop! all your loyal patrons are here and waiting. Something similar to Mojo Cafe should be no problem.

#3 Same area but up, Cole Valley has NOTHING but that Tullys. So sad, this is a perfect area for something classy and plenty of eager drinkers and foot traffic gallore. Taqueria badly needed up there too, different blog.

#4 Anywhere on Irving & 9th ave. Lots of sad coffee shops there already, but something classy is in order at this point. Even a cart at the weekly farmers market to get the ball rolling.

#5 Peasent Pies. An upgrade on the coffee there would be killer and well overdue i think.

#6 Andronicos, while there is a wall full of beans there and a Petes in-house, some classy selections like Whole Foods, Bi-Rite or Outer Aves have would be amazing.

#7 Up a bit from that @ Judah Street & 27th but in an area so hurting, to actually have something called a coffee shop is painful to drive by. Not sure anyone out there would give a damn which coffee is which, but still that area is such a foggy dreamland, lets wake it up.

#8 Golden Gate Park. With the talk of Blue Bottle cart at Doleres Park, easily should do the same in GG too. Near between or near the Academy of Sciences and DeYoung.

the list really goes on and on from here as you can see the pockets on the map here but many were added in the last year or two i bet, so future cafe owners/roasters please take note.

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